Rachael Wang Studio is a creative consultancy founded in 2017 in Chinatown, New York. 

Born of existing clients’ need for hyper-individualized fashion consultation with a holistic approach, Rachael Wang Studio now provides services including: 


creative direction 

trend forecasting

design consulting

content production

event design


Rachael Wang is a New York based stylist and creative consultant. She is recognized for her ability to develop cultural relevance and edge while maintaining the idiosyncratic integrity of a brand’s identity. 

Wang previously served as Fashion Market Director of Style.com and Fashion Director of Allure where she collaborated with some of the most influential talents in the industry. Her fashion direction can been seen in collaborations with brands like Bergdorf Goodman, Bottega Veneta, Equinox, Levi's, Maybelline, Nike, Nordstrom, Olay, Saks and Samsung.

As an early champion of ethical and sustainable fashion, Wang focuses on bringing ethics and thoughtful representation to creative and fashion direction.


“Rachael has the distinct and invaluable talent to get to the heart of what makes a brand unique. Where many stylists will create to their personal tastes, or try to dilute a brand’s personality to make it look like everything else out there, Rachael truly hones in on their singular aesthetic and confidently turns up the volume. She’s a leader in the industry, with a reputation for her vast knowledge and familiarity of the market and meticulous attention to detail as well as for her personal ethics regarding sustainability of all sorts and racial, gender, and body type diversity. ”

“I really had such a great time working on this campaign and I absolutely love working with [Rachael]. I'm always so inspired to see everyone at play with their craft and [her] vocabulary/relationship with clothes is fantastic to watch. [She] pretty much shaped the campaign in a way we couldn't have imagined and I’m super grateful for that. I'm in love with both shoots, and they both express perfectly where we want to take the brands so thank you for taking us there.”

Photographed by Beth Garrabrant

Photographed by Beth Garrabrant